Style 101 for 2nd Corner Personal Styling

"The most attractive look is always the most authentic one."

Ladybird Stylist, Rachel Doescher, leads you into the world of the 2nd Corner in this quickstart course.

Meet real-life clients living their best 2nd Corner life. We'll cover the basics of a 2nd Corner wardrobe, and what to look for when shopping and choosing.

You'll also get access to the 2nd Corner Style Handbook with colors, prints, and shopping guides as well as Ladybird's curated 2nd Corner pinterest inspiration boards to guide you on your style journey.

Tune in to the 2nd Corner...

Feel your way into the perfect wardrobe by tapping into your natural sense of ease and comfort.

Client Love

“I am LOVING THIS!!!! I can’t stop thinking about it. I HATE shopping and had a blast trying new things!"

-Keegan N.

Client Love

What a gift. I now have a much better understanding of my style and a feverish need to rearrange my closet! I can’t wait to rebuild my wardrobe.” 

-Demetria M.

Client Love

"Wow! I did not anticipate that it was going to release in me such a spark of energy and creative inspiration, in addition to the style-based revelations (of which there were many)."

-Stacey G.

Pricing & Product Details

Bringing your closet into alignment...

Knowing your colors, fabrics, shapes and textures helps you bring your closet into alignment.

Calm the chaos in your closet by choosing garments that "move with you." Once you have a solid base of understanding, your closet can be a place of calm, peace and ease. When everything goes together, and goes with you, you'll experience true "flow" everyday.