Introducing The Reset, from Ladybird

It’s 2021 and the world has changed. We’re not going back to the way things were. Where we work, how we work. How we spend our time and who with. It’s all changing. Our clothing has changed too. Collectively and individually we’ve seen our daily rhythms upended, and for many of us it’s prompted some due reflection. When this is all over, what will be left standing? What patterns and rhythms do we want to keep in our lives, and which ones do we want to change? 

When we consider the style of our lives, are we happy with what we’ve built? 

Believe it or not, understanding your personal style—the unique way that you move, express and build in the world—can actually help you create the life you want. And there’s never been a better time to tap in. 

Amidst such unprecedented changes, what will always be true is that our identity as individuals matters. We were meant to radiate. The way we look, feel and express ourselves matters, and in times of great change, comes great opportunity. 

For some of us, the way we feel about ourselves and our appearance has never been more urgent to our mental health. And perhaps for others, there’s finally time available to devote to exploring your personal style. Either way, what is patently clear, is that it’s time to Reset. 

The Reset is a Style Development Program from Ladybird that will give you everything you need to find and express your unique personal style. You’ll learn what it means to be attractive, and how to attract more of what you want in your life through your clothing. We will give you the context, teach you the secrets, and show you the elements of a fully functioning, beautifully evolving, and finely tuned personal wardrobe. We’ll teach you how to see yourself, how to shop, and how to develop a vision for your style—and your life—in the long term, that’s sustainable. And our firm belief, is that if you follow the journey this program lays out, you will never look or feel better.

It’s time to tune out the noise, and tune in to your true personal style. It’s time to start showing up for the rest of your life. It’s time for a Reset. 


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