Ladybird is on a mission to empower women to live authentically.

Why? Because we know that the most attractive look is always the most authentic one.

Using a unique method to tap true personal style, we teach women how to find and fine-tune their outward expression of style to live their best lives.

THE STYLE RESET will guide you through the process of transforming your outer appearance to match who you are on the inside. By understanding "the way you move" you'll learn the colors, cuts, fabrics and shapes that resonate with, and support, your unique spirit.

Our course is designed to RESET your personal style and put you on a path towards effortless personal style, each and every day.

So buckle up, because changing your style can change a lot more than just your appearance, it can change your life.

Hi, I’m Molly

I started Ladybird in 2010 on a mission to simplify personal style.

Since then, me and my team have worked with countless women doing just that. We have developed a unique approach using the Science the Resonance.

Style is the way you move.

By breaking down style to its simplest form people from all over the world have gotten to experience the magic of finding their authentic style.

Our deepest desire is to empower women to live authentically, and we won't stop until effortless personal style is the norm for women everywhere. 

Style is simply the way you move.

"What a gift. I now have a feverish urge to rearrange my closet!"

- Demetria M.